Vibrant R Pods


Feel energy and insight with this invigorating essential oil blend.


Ginger | Lemon | Spearmint


Includes: 1x Vibrant R POD for MONQ R


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Ginger essential oil is used commonly used for culinary purposes. This said, ginger is superior to soothe nausea and assist with digestion. It dates back to ancient Chinese folk medicine and can ease minor aches and discomforts and relieves muscle spasms.



Lemon is known to purify and energize the mind. The citrusy lemon provides acidic undertones which enhances the senses greatly and invites positivity while lifting your mood. Lemon also nourishes skin!



Spearmint is known to have restorative and stimulating properties. It is a trending herb for active minds. Also, spearmint also contains menthol, which supports digestion and alleviates fatigue.


Vibrant also includes:

Basil | Bergamot | Bitter Orange | Black Pepper | Caraway | Clary Sage | Copaiba | Dill Seed | Fennel | Geranium | Hyssop | Oregano | Parsley Seed | Peppermint | Rosemary | Sage & Sweet Orange


Benefits of Vibrant Blend


Vibrant Inspiration

Want to feel inspired? Vibrant MONQ is specifically formulated to give you the boost you’re looking for. Through the use of spearmint, the blend will help stimulate the brain, since it is a naturally occurring nootropic.


Settle Your Stomach

When you’re experiencing nausea or other discomforts, Vibrant’s potent blend of ginger, lemon and spearmint is the ideal solution for settling the upset stomach.



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