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Feel tranquility and gratitude with this calming essential oil blend, Sleepy.


Chamomile | Kava | Lavender


Includes: 1x Sleepy R POD for MONQ R

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Chamomile is best known for its calming effects and for inducing a good night’s sleep as it has been found to lower blood pressure and reduce irritability. It is also able to calm a nervous or stressed mind. It is worth noting that it is a very effective and safe pain reliever. Chamomile is also known to remove toxins, whilst it analgesic properties calm muscle spasms.



Kava leaves are excellent at relieving symptoms of tension and anxiety whilst promoting a healthy stress response. Due to it flavokavain properties, some studies show that Kava may help boost your immune system.



Lavender is known for its soothing and calming properties and for improving the quality of sleep. It is an excellent remedy to encourage skin care and may ease muscle discomfort.


Sleepy also includes:

Bergamot | Lemongrass | Marjoram | Neroli | Sandalwood


Benefits of Sleepy Blend


The Connection between Stress and Sleep

As you may know, stress and sleep are interconnected. When you are stressed, you might find it difficult to relax and achieve a good night’s sleep. In turn, too little sleep may have a negative impact on one’s mood, overall wellness and cognition, which may result in stress. One easy method of melting away the problems of the day is to feel the effects of chamomile and lavender-infused Sleepy blend.


Say No to Screens; Yes to Aromatherapy

Although screens are a reality of today’s modern lifestyle, it is known that they may hinder our ability to fall asleep. To achieve a healthy routine for bedtime, you can breathe Sleepy and put the screens away for 30 minutes or more before bedtime.



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