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Feel confidence and charisma with this warming essential oil blend.


Jasmine | Lime | Patchouli


Includes: 1x Sexy Diffuser


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Jasmine is known to be a skin-nourishing oil which is used for managing minor aches and inspiring a relaxed mindset. The scent of jasmine may promote feelings of confidence, an increase in behavioral arousal or alertness and optimism.



The invigorating characteristics of the citrusy Lime keeps the body alert and awake and supports the immune system, since it helps with relieving symptoms of the cold and flu. Lime is also said to restore tired muscles and reduce pain, as well as emotionally refresh, cleanse and lift the mood.



Patchouli is a potent aphrodisiac, as it is widely associated with stress relief and relaxation, yet provides grounding sensuality and a balance of mind, heart and body. It is also known for its quality to fight hair loss and aging. It is best known as a skin tonic for a variety of skin conditions.


Sexy also includes:

Allspice | Caraway | Cinnamon Leaf | Copaiba | Lavender | Lemon | Manuka | Sweet Orange | Vanilla & Ylang Ylang


Benefits of Sexy Blend


Awaken Your Sensuality

The Sexy Essential Oil is a formulated blend featuring patchouli, a powerful aphrodisiac, as well as jasmine and lime. Awaken your sensuality by breathing in Sexy MONQ and heighten your confidence.


Boost your Confidence

Sexy MONQ encourages relaxation while boosting your confidence to connect with the people you love, due to the powerful features of jasmine.

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  1. chloes2002 (verified owner)

    I just love the jasmine scent and the calming effect of patchouli.

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