Feel vitality and renewal with this restorative essential oil blend.


Marjoram | Turmeric | Cinnamon


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Marjoram’s essential oils boost its use for muscle discomfort due to its warming qualities. It may calm and quiet the mind and the entire nervous system. It works wonders when tiredness and tension are both present.



Turmeric is known to help with managing pain and inflammation. It is known for comforting the nervous system in order to minimize situational stress and symptoms of anxiety. Turmeric is also known to support intestinal health and digestion.


Cinnamon Leaf

Cinnamon is best-known to ease tension and is on the first spices used by humans. It supports immune system health and provides antioxidant benefits and reduces pain and unwanted viral activity.


Healthy also includes:

Basil | Caraway | Copaiba | Dill Seed | Lemon | Mandarin Green


Benefits of Healthy Blend


Healthy Minds, Healthy Bodies

The Healthy Diffuser is a distinct blend which promotes the healing powers of cinnamon, marjoram and turmeric. These essential oils also lift mood and are brain boosters.


Discover Healthy Eating Habits

Healthy is the ideal way to augment your healthy diet and weight loss regimen. This diffusers boost healthy metabolism and digestion.


A Healthier You

By breathing in a combination of cinnamon leaf, marjoram and turmeric, you would be looking after yourself in the ideal way. Try a few breaths of Healthy if you seek an immune boost or if you are craving extra vitality.


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