Focus R Pods


FOCUS helps you achieve the mental state that supports your body’s natural ability to focus and reach Flow State.


Clarity | Production | Vision


Includes: 1x Focus R POD for MONQ R

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Focus MONQ is a patent-pending, groundbreaking new blend which can help you experience and achieve the body’s natural ability to focus


Soak in the knowledge and understanding all around you. Open your mind.


Experience and increased ability to focus and concentrate your mind on the everyday tasks.


With Focus MONQ, colours appear to be brighter and more vibrant than ever before.


FOCUS includes:
Bergamot | Black Pepper | Caraway | Cardamom | Cinnamon (Bark) | Cinnamon Leaf | Clary Sage | Coffee | Frankincense | Ginger | Holy Basil (Tulsi) | Juniper Berry | Lemon Eucalyptus | Nutmeg | Peppermint | Red Grapefruit | Rosemary | Spearmint


When to use Focus

Want to work harder, faster? Need to study? Looking for an edge? Use FOCUS—it’s the ideal blend to use anytime you want to be at your best.



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