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Bitter Orange | Black Pepper | Sage


Includes: 1x Active Diffuser


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 Bitter Orange
Orange is known to be effective for easing nausea and uplifting your mood and spirit. It also provides additional energy and boosts the immune system.


 Black Pepper
Black pepper has properties which are known to stimulate feelings and encourage proper circulation. In fact, the ancient Greeks used this to help their athletes with performance. Also, some research indicates that black pepper may be effective to manage nicotine withdrawal.


Sage has been known to enhance cognition and assist with irritability. It is stimulating both mentally and physiologically whilst promoting positivity.


Benefits of Active Blend


Active Wellness

The use of black pepper, sage and bitter orange in this essential oil presents an energising and healing combination.By breathing in Active MONQ brings on motivation and holistic wellness.


Activating the Mind

Active MONQ stimulate you to think more clearly due to the nootropic ingredients like black pepper. Active may be what you need to get through your carefree weekend and work week with its protective benefits


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