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Therapeutic Air®

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With one simple breath, you can experience all the benefits of pure aromatherapy.

It is recommended to take shallow breaths in through the mouth and breath it out through your nose.

MONQ Therapeutic Air is Doctor Approved!
Find out more about our founder who traded his career 

as an orthopaedic surgeon for aromatherapy.


The original personal and portable Essential Oil Diffuser

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MONQ is amazing! I was hesitant to try, but after a friend let me try theirs I instantly bought two of my own!

Monq Malta

LOVE MONQ! The Zen is amazing and they have great customer service and fast shipping!

MONQ Malta got started with a simple vision—to share personal Aromatherapy Anywhere®.


Our goal was to combine science and style to give everyone the chance to discover the advantages of ancient aromatherapy.


Therein lies our mission—MONQ Malta infuses ancient and modern—nature with technology—to improve people's lives one breath at a time, helping you feel better, do better, be better.


Surgery – it couldn’t be further away from the ephemeral field of aromas. And still, that is precisely what Eric Fishman MD, the founder of MONQ, did for years.


Suddenly, it clicked! He realised that he could better serve the population at once, by providing a holistic and natural approach to how people get the terpenes they need ~through natural compounds pre-mixed to help them Feel The Way You Want®.


In this day and age,  many people unfortunately don’t have the time to take a long walk in the countryside. This is possibly due to long working hours, or countryside's not being in the vicinity.


When it isn't possible to go out into nature, we can bring the nature - to you!


MONQ Malta has done exactly that through our range of products offering Personal Aromatherapy Diffusers on-the-go, either in the original or Rechargeable MONQ-R Flip Case option, or our MONQ Bottled Blends, among others. 


Our choice of  Aromatherapy Diffusers are specifically designed to give people a better life. These diffusers help people deal with a variety of problems - Lack of sleep, lack of focus or relieving pain to name a few!